1) All weddings must be planned at least six months in advance.
2) The ministers of the ALUCC solemnize all weddings, or give permission for another
minister’s involvement.
3) The organist of the ALUCC is asked first to play for weddings when an organist is
needed. If the ALUCC organist is not available, the minister must approve the
choice of a substitute musician.
4) All couples married at ALUCC must complete premarital counseling, either with a
minister here or with an approved counselor.
5) All wedding fees are to be paid two weeks in advance of the wedding. One check,
payable to the church, may be written for the entire amount.
6) Non-members must pay a $200.00 refundable fee, to hold the date. It will be
returned one week after the wedding unless there is any loss or damage to church
property. Please note that no alcoholic beverages are permitted anywhere on the
church property and the church is completely non-smoking.
7) Couples are strongly encouraged to use the services of the church videographer, if
they want a video made. If the church videographer is used, no other videos should
be taken during the ceremony. If an outside videographer is used, he or she must
stay in one location during the entire ceremony.
8) Photographers may take flash pictures during the processional from the center aisle.
After the processional, no flash may be used, and the photographer must stay in one
location in the back of the church.
9) No guests are permitted to take pictures or use a video camera during the ceremony.
That statement must appear in the bulletin.
10) No rice or bird seed can be thrown. Balloons, bells and bubbles are permitted.
11) No tape, tacks or nails can be used on the pews or candelabra.
12) We do not allow the use of an aisle runner.
(Revised 6/10/09)

Click Here to download a fee schedule for weddings. 

If  you have any other questions, please contact the church:

32801 Electric Blvd.
Avon Lake, OH 44012
fax: 440-933-7928